Netherlands stops wind turbines to protect migratory birds

The expansion of alternative energy generation is a welcome development - but as with all things, there are downsides. For example, huge wind turbines are increasingly threatening the lives of migratory birds. The Netherlands has now reacted and temporarily switched off the turbines of wind farms to allow the animals to migrate safely.

Offshore wind turbines in Borssele and Egmond aan Zee were shut down for four hours after a massive bird migration was predicted over the North Sea

"This is an international first," said Dutch Energy Minister Rob Jetten.

In fact, nowhere else in the world have offshore wind farms been shut down to protect birds.

The Dutch government wants to minimize the impact of wind farms on nature as much as possible.


More frequent shutdowns from the fall

Once the current pilot phase has been completed, the wind farms will be switched off or slowed down to two revolutions per minute during the predicted night-time migration period starting in the fall.

How can this work?

At the end of 2022, one of the doctoral students at the University of Amsterdam presented a model that uses weather data, among other things, to predict bird migration two days in advance.

This should give the grid operator Tennet time to ensure the stability of the high-voltage grid and initiate the shutdown of the turbines. conclusion:

Is it just us that find particularly prudent solutions to various problems in the north? In any case, this method is very welcome, especially since millions of birds use this route in spring and fall and their lives are massively threatened by the wind turbines. So, once again: Bravo, Netherlands!!! 💚